Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Diwali DP For WhatsApp and Facebook Profile Pic For 2021

Diwali, one of the most celebrated Grand Hindu festivals immersed with a tinge of life, love, and warmth is celebrated across the religious boundary. The Festival is about beginning new things with positivity and belief leaving behind the bygone accepting and appreciating lives more and more. Here's wishing you a life with good qualities and character through some Diwali DP and sharing some of the best Diwali DP for WhatsApp.

Diwali DP For WhatsApp and Facebook

Diwali DP

It is celebrated in honor of Lord Rama return to Ayodhya and has a great significance in Hinduism as Lord Rama along with Goddess Sita returned defeating Ravana the epitome of evil and guides us to be glued with the ray of hope, belief, and optimism in presence of darkness and gloom. The whole period of exile is the biggest takeaway from his life-sized qualities. It was only his perseverance, Will-power, Compassion, a never give up attitude, and firm stand towards life that differentiate him from other beings.
The Life of Rama is none less than a key to life. The Struggle that he went through was not easy at all, the test of his character was par excellence in every nail-biting situation. He showed us that one should just never give up in the moments of hardships and pain and take the challenge head-on as this is the only way to live a grand life. Diwali is an opportunity to change our inner selves and trust the magic of being optimistic.
The whole Country celebrates his life-sized qualities with full pomp and show. Kids burst crackers with great enthusiasm soaked in high spirits. The Festival is an auspicious event to say no to every single evil thing in life and letting the Hope, Faith, and positivity take over. It preaches us that life lived with these qualities is a life well-lived.

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