Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Shubh Diwali Image | Shubh Diwali in Hindi For 2021

India is a land of Festivals. Every Festival with itself brings its aura with it. The Festivals too are celebrated religiously with madness soaked with joy. Diwali is such a festival of Victory of good over evil, Righteousness over wrongdoing, and is celebrated with full pomp and show worldwide and not just in India. Here we are sharing with all of you some of the best Shubh Diwali Image handpicked just for you to make it more happening and joyful.

Shubh Diwali Image HD

Shubh Diwali Image

Shubh Diwali in Hindi

Shubh Diwali in Hindi

Diwali is usually referred to as Shubh Diwali as the day is considered most auspicious in Hindu Mythology and has great importance in Hindu culture as It is said that the Supreme Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity, and well-being Lakshmi come to our homes to shower all the blessings upon us. For her Arrival into our homes, People clean and paint their homes throughout for the grand occasion. Lakshmi pooja is organized in every Household in the evening with Hymns adding the surreal and out of the world experience. 
People light their homes with candles, fancy lights, and expensive decorations to celebrate their favorite festival. Goddess Lakshmi is a pioneer of wealth and prosperity in our lives blessing us with good fate. Also on this day, God Rama returned to Ayodhya after a tremendous victory of Good over Evil killing the army of demons including King Ravana after 14 Long Years. At that time Whole Ayodhya lit their homes with light and decorated their homes for his arrival. People share goodies and sweets with their loved ones. 
Diwali is the beginning of special things in life and the end of all sorts of negativity that is why it becomes so important than ever to choose the life of Positivity with good deeds otherwise people end their life miserably like Ravana despite being capable to do anything.

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